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Saturday, May 30, 2009

another failure sheet


We are just too nosy about our lives, aren’t we? Too nosy that leads us to come up into bewilderment. That’s just us, PEOPLE.

Everything that resides has its own purpose as they say. But why do people appeared to know nothing about it and worse, even tries to search for it. You may say that basically it was just the most appropriate drastic action one could do. But it was just way too illogical. Why suffer bleakness when you can have the option to decide what to do and what to not?

Some seeks their very purpose just to feel great and to be satisfied. Why not make life much simpler? Living a simple life doesn’t conclude that you’re a mediocre yourself. You could always be on top of others just as you will. There’s just millions of reasons why not to seek for your purpose. Why? Your purpose already exists and you’re just afraid to accept it.

People usually settle on anticipation which created a whole new dimension of illusion for them to fall and to live with, in layman’s term~ FOOLISHNESS. They tend to create a place of their own and embellish it with the things they loved. Was that even called as the essence of searching oneself? One could spoil their journey in seeking their purpose just because of this. If you really mean it, deny yourself before your being and left it behind. That would probably help you on your way. But again, there’s no use of giving your self a hard time when the fact already exists.

Try to look yourself upon a crystal clear mirror. What do you see? Silly you are, everyone knows it’s your REFLECTION. But what’s behind you? Can you see it? It’s not your background that I’ve been pointing out but the replica of your own. Even without the aid of a mirror you alone know what is behind the fancy image in front of it. That is you and that is what you are meant for.

Nobody could have ever felt being aggrieved if he doesn’t allow pain to catch him. You should know what your worth is. Knowing your worth is as good as knowing your purpose. It creates a clear pathway for you to follow. When you know yourself, you know what you’re up to. But a new twist draws in the scenario of the story. People themselves usually do not accept fact as it is. With that, knowing your purpose is visibly seen worse than dim.

It’s not the rank nor the fame nor the wealth that counts in telling who you are. It’s just you. All of these are just spices that make ones life even meaningful. There’s much more in you that are yet to be unleashed to help build and gain the confidence in you. There are just countless reasons why we should feel good about ourselves and you don’t need much financial assistance to gain it. Just find a space of your own and give enough time for you to be able to self-reflect. Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you’re selfish. That’s just how it was really meant to be.

Now is the perfect time to close the doors of agony and misery. Take charge of yourself and live life like never before. Know what’s your worth is and live with it. Dispatch the negative vibes in you and bring out the best in you. Open the doors for development and changes. Sooner or later your life will dramatically evolve to something that you less expects it to happen. The key to feel like you’re worth a million is just a decision away.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


tired Pictures, Images and Photos
i know it's a bit annoying how could
i possibly stop writing here without any
announcement of doing so
but ehehehe

my life lately was a bit stressful
thus, making it hard for me
to grasp even a single second just to
give you the latest buzz about me
but anyways...
i'll try to cover things up
and anyways...
i'm so sorry for not GREETING all of you
it's 2009 and still things
remains to be the same..
duh.. how boring.. ^.^

to all my fellow mixed-blooded beings having a chinese blood runnning
through their effin VEINS
unlike the previous years
no celebration no TIKOY
no everything
except to an annoying FACT of
this is just too SANE

i have tons of new FANDOMS nowadays
topping the list is the ever hot hunky bad boy looking stud called JANG GEUN SEOK!
EVIDENCE: try to watch his movies...
even your TV sets will be set on FIRE~
wee just kidding
the NEW Rookie in TOWN
came from the COMPANY where
EUGENE was handled with
say HOT!
those dance grooves, priceless smiles, lovable voice
heck heck heck!

by the way our dear
girlicious tootsie-pop candy-like sweethearts SNSD
grabs once again the MUSIC scene through their COMEBACK!
with the SINGLE GEE...
wee... kinda addictive
it's warm and light
a good stress reliever
incase you don't have any "DADABELLS"

lately as well...
i find myself creating tons of WALLPAPERS
i mean editing at PHOTOSHOP
and i was like
are these my works?
they're quite good
QUALITY is 7 out of 10, not bad right?

i think i'll be concluding this chit chat for now
be bcak later with lots of exciting revelations!
keep posted!
don't miss it!
love you all!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yet another DESIGN


so again..
i was left to thinking
what other design should be done
our MEDIA adviser wasn't SATISFIED with the previous one
and DAMN IT!
i'm the one to BLAME 'bout the matter
i hurried to do the CHANGES..
and i'm quite glad that it turn
out RIGHT..


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Saturday, December 6, 2008

this and that

T.v Pictures, Images and Photos
let's just say that my week was a tiring one
i've been doing lots of stuffs
and it's was like mind draining and all
it's DECEMBER already!
havent think of it not until
a sudden thought popped up
from nowhere..
countless events are yet to be experienced!
i can't wait for my new outfits!!
we're also practicing i mean the band thingy
we do like to present something special to those events
yesterday was like...
in a just a simple snap
i was there in front of the radio announcer
and i was in the studio
what the hell did i do?
me and my clubmates were interviewed 'bout
the media arts thingy
and i was like..
hey they just pulled me out from my place
then in a sudden time
i was now being interviewed?
what the!
i have lots of fun doing it!
so no bad feeling at all
and hey...
that was like
my first time
being a MEMBER of the team
but they have gone me to work already like
i was the one who designed the OFFICIAL LOGO
of the club!
wanna take a peak?
here it is

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Friday, December 5, 2008

just RANT

nonsense? Pictures, Images and Photos

i need someone who can extricate me from the hell i'm on
i need someone retort my emptiness
i need someone who can furbish me
i need someone who can rebuke the upcoming damnation yet to be expreinced
am i that desperate to be happy?
or is it just a lust of my illusion?
am i going to be punished if i will try to compensate it all with all my will?
when will i find my true happiness?
can you answer these never-ending questions of mine?
or like others, you will turn your back
and never return to me again?
my search for happiness indeed has already started
but i'm already tired of searching
i don't want to wait as well
to wait in vain with nobody to expect
that's just too ridiculous
love is beyond the meaning comprehension
without much analysis, there's no way
you can understand it,
if you don't know love well
don't even think to try
you would not like to be left in
a four-cornered-room crying....
i don't believe that everybody should give it a shot...
don't despise all minute beginnings
for all huge ones came from it
if you don't want to be hurt badly like me
then keep your ass on your seat
and just live life the way you want it to be

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Monday, November 24, 2008

how to steal a kiss

stolen kiss Pictures, Images and Photos

i dunno
if it works fine with you
haven't tried it
but i will and i must
here's the real score
[courtesy of BABY AND ME~ MOVIE]
you were in a group of four and more
someone insist to have a drink
then ask two from the group to
provide one
if both of you are left alone
now you can do the SWEETEST CRIME!
this technique can be used vice-versa
i mean, both sexes could...
if you're a third then it's up to you
girl: oh my..."sigh"
boy: why?
girl: nothing.. i just love the scene
so warm and comfy...
isn't it a great night?
boy: yes.. i think so...
girl: uhm.. yeah.. before i forgot
i have something for you
boy: yeah?"looks right into your face"
girl:"assume you have something to get in the pocket"
go for gold while your partner is still staring at you, eager to know what it is~ assume you already got the thing
you want to give, then ...
face him right in front
and steal that sweet kiss of him
then run away
isn't it great?
i lab it!!
~tips is brought to you by me~

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hiatus for SOME important REASONS

oh yeah
i've been on hiatus for almost a week or two
if you guys still got no idea about it
well i have to give a buzz for you
this won't be great
but after reading it, i know you will also
feel what i am feeling right now

Nov. 11, 2008
an unexpected twist upon my peaceful life
i was comfortably sleeping when a great terrifying nightmare
cause me to wake on my senses
i can barely hear and feel my heart beat
and it is on its fastest speed i've ever experience
well... since it was dawn
i decided to sleep again
but by the morning of the said date
the irregular rate of my heart beating
unstoppably continued
to my surprise i was left in vain
in some drastic thoughts one can ever thought
i was racing with my breath and i can't even grasp
a single second to stay calm
therefore without much thinking
i rushed to the ER
then by then, my CARDIOLOGIST
decided to confine me and done numerous lab test
to investigate this sudden occurrence
my MOM was almost shattered into
pieces since she's the only one
who is taking charge of me
i stayed for 3 days and two nights at the HOSPITAL
it wasn't that boring since
i chose the best room one can have
but the ambiance was not a relief at all
the doctors find out a MIND-WRECKING
reality... i got RHD
what the hell is that?
and it was said that people having this kind of disease
won't live long before they reached 35 years of age
i was left in a total state of BLANKNESS
but i coped fast
i still can't believe it
but i know, my faith will bring me
to HEALING and i will live long

here's some of my selca moments at ER /HOSPITAL:










from this moment onwards
i'll be taking medicine that will miraculously control
the beating of my heart
and i will undergo a 5 year treatment medication
to ensure my safety and HEALTH

above all this i am not afraid
GOD will always be by my side
that's a FACT!
for now i'll be soliciting prayers from you
hope you will include me in your prayers...
be healthy everyone!

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